Captaincon 2017

So if you haven’t been to Captaincon you are truly missing out on a great convention but also some of the best malifaux gaming in the entire country. It’s a nice relaxed venue and even more relaxed tournament that’s not to say the games aren’t competitive far from it these were some of the toughest games I’ve played in years and my record reflects that 0-3-1 on the day. But my opponents were all awesome sports, great opponents and genuinely fun people with which to spend 2hrs locked in intelligent combat.

my lack of malifaux games recently showed and nb is an unforgiving faction to imprecise play. I played collodi into ramos my game one I maxed my schemes but I could only manage to grab 1 head and my opponent grabbed 3 he out raced me for a 9-7 ramos win. Game with was against Jared fantastic game vs his outcast tara list that was a sharp game of wits into my lilith. I rooted a lot of things and we backed and forth staking a claim to a tie again my schemes selection and execution saved me. 6-6 draw.

Game 3 I played into Chef Matt ressers a lovely display of molly and her new best friend Archie. I played collodi different list from game one and lost deployment so I got stuck in a giant sever quagmire gigity. Archie hits like a ton of bricks and again my positioning was terrible this game. I got destroyed 10-6 schemes and I got 3 on 1 and 1 on my other and 1 point of strategy.

Game 4- Outcasts viks into my shooty dreamer list. dreamer puts up a fight I end up losing hard 10-3.

one of the most enjoyable times I’ve had even if it’s my worst tournament result to date. Have to makeep this event as regulary as I can.

fantastic to see familiar faces, old friends and make new ones.


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