1 down 11 or more 2 go.

December has come and gone and I played a lot of Ironsides in December. My conclusion off of that experiment are that Ironsides isn’t enjoyable enough for me to continue her. She has moments of brilliance but far more moments of frustration mostly that in building lists it comes back to a reoccurring theme with her, 2 gunsmiths and or 2 oxfordians. Go forward make brick shoot out of brick either win or lose based on that. And in looking at her it comes down to a critical failure of what could be her signature ability the engine that would make her go and be thematically amazing and different. Her defensive tricker Good shoot my turn, is ML only, if this simply said anytime she suffers dmg from an attack action, she could then do her dmg and gain adrenaline all of a sudden she is radically better master. But its ML only meaning smart opponents who already have a diversity of attacks in their lists, will simply not hit her with Ml attacks and concentrate on cracking the crew focusing on her late. While I’have had some amazing rounds of dmg output on single and multiple targets, once that adrenaline is spent getting it back up is far 2 much effort and if it doens’t break your opponent the games over. She has no recovery. She’s a boxer and a really sad copy of a shell of what Mei Feng was in 1.5.  I wanted to like I really did, but I like all of her support pieces far better with other masters in arcanists than I do her.

So that out of the way I am changing up the order slightly as I started early in December with the challenge so now I can potentially fit an additional Master into the rotation.

January is going to be Seamus a resurgence so to speak of ressers for me. those familar with this blog can see my book 1 seamus list in all its glory in older post. This look at seamus will be about using a lot of new stuff and going an entirly different direction of seamus for me. Sinister Reputation instead of bag o tools. I feel its important to look at new angles on old things and this is the perfect place to start my new year.

List 1

Seamus — 4ss
+Red Chapel Killer – 1ss
+Sinister Reputation – 1ss
+Spare Parts – 2ss

Copycat Killer – 3ss

Ashigaru – 5ss

Carrion Emissary – 10ss
+Conflux Of Infamy – 0ss

Crooked Man – 5ss

Crooked Man – 5ss

Guild Autopsy – 4ss

Rotten Belle – 5ss

Yin The Penangalan – 8ss

The list itself is what I call a test list, bringing in several new unit concepts together into a list to see what works, what doesn’t and then refine the elements together as we progress.  We have some elements i’ve used a lot namely Yin, guild autopsy, rotten belle and copycat killer. With elements I haven’t crooked men, Carrion emissary ashigaru. Shooty Seamus. Into what on paper appears to be a gunline with control elements in Yin and the ashigaru. I’m looking forward to getting ressers back on the table.

Going Forward Revised list for 2015 Play








August-Jacob Lynch (10T)




December-Mah Tucket


3 thoughts on “1 down 11 or more 2 go.

  1. Fetid Strumpet says:

    Joe, I was looking forward to June when you would revisit Seamus, as I always enjoy your take on things, and now that it’s here it should be an interesting month, so thank you.

    I did have a few questions if you don’t mind, why build the list with Sinister Reputation, and then minimize the amount of models that can actually capitalize on the wp Aura? Your list has only two models which can actively force wp duels, and only 2 models with terror, which again seems odd as you are bringing the conflux of infamy. While I do like the ranged options that Live for Pain brings to the table, wouldn’t Bag O’ Tools be better on Seamus as you aren’t really going to leverage Feast of Fear or Banquet of Fear with only Yin and one Belle providing the actions required to use them?

    Which on the topic, I think given the list you might be better served by dropping the Conflux of infamy and just go with the Carrion Conflux for the bonus to attack actions to minions it provides if you are going gun line. The increased ability to force the opponent to cheat first due to effectively giving your shooters paired shots can serve as a hand drain to set up more important shots later, or let more of the lesser shots through as they reserve cards to defend against the Seamus shot coming later.

    Final suggestion, again, as you mentioned you seem to want to go with a controlly/shooty list, would you consider Anna a better replacement to yin?

    • I agree after looking at the list this is more of a call for Bag O Tools. However this is sorta of how I test list concepts. I put a bunch of units into the list and refine from there at this stage it isn’t about optimal seamus builds yet. Its about finding if some of these tools work quickly by having them in a general tools sytle list. Conflux of Infamy is something I want to test out. Carrion conflux is too much of what I used to do with Nicodem and if I want a boost aura I’ll just play him. As for Anna, I don’t have an appropriate proxy and as such she’s not on the testing grounds. I know yin and have been wanting to play the model so that is honestly why she’s in the list. I’ll be doing a lot of list iterations with Seamus as he can virtual get away with taking a large variety of different sets up. I look forward to testing them all out. The initial list yes is very unorthodox but their is a method to my madness.

  2. Her Joe, I am just starting with Malifaux and Ressers. So I will give your List a try 😉 I think in your podcast someone mentioned that Hannah is really strong with this faction, with two Hanged in particular. Could you explain me why? Thx and cheers Chris

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