12 Months 12 Masters

And Were Back…

So after much soul searching I realized that next year with no Adepticon for me, my first kid on the way and life in general. That sticking to another faction for the entire year wasn’t going to realistically happen. So I am instead going to go back to my roots a slight bit. No I’m not going ressers, but I am going back to using Single master, however I am only using said master for a months worth of Time. That’s right Folks 12 masters one for each month of the year, that regardless of matchup, strategy and scheme pool I’ll be dropping for that month.

The idea is to let me deep dive each master on this list to see where they are strong, where they are weak and what I can do as a player to mitigate the weaknesses we might find. The other beauty of this system is it lets me adjust my painting schedule as needed and will help get all of the grey out of my bag and all the unbuilt stuff built.

Okay so what we know so far, Joe is taking a single master each month starting in January for the next 12 months. Playing the master of the month in every game for that month okay Joe what’s the list?

January-Toni Ironsides

February- Hoffman






August-Jacob Lynch (10T)




December-Mah Tucket

So In a year I’ll have had games in all 7 factions with single masters in them for a month. The goal is prior to the month starting to detail the boxset of each of this masters and go over some basic strategy on each of them. I look forward to this challenge next year.


2 thoughts on “12 Months 12 Masters

  1. It is an interesting idea, but I feel it goes counter to the idea of Malifaux allowing you to pick your crew (including Master) after you know the strategy and schemes. I wonder if you might be better picking 2 Masters from the same faction for each month so you can swap between them?

    I’ll certainly follow this with interest. Do you plan to do a theory post at the start of each month and follow up at the end of the month with a look at how experience has changed your opinion (if at all)?

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