The Age of Ultr…Collodi

Welcome True believers been a bit since I’ve written because well I’m not good at the whole do this once a week thing. Well I have started playing a few games with a master that I had zero interest in before I played him, that rascally robot Collodi.  I feel he fits the Ultron theming of creation fullfilling a twisting of its purpose and hating the world that rejected it. Both seek vengeance and have deep seated daddy issues. To that end I have painted my collodi crew in this style themeing.

Again with the standard wyrd twist

The Rest of his copies “marionettes” and Widow Weaver

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Okay So the crew I’ve been starting with collodi is a hyper themed crew. Again I know I’ve talked before about starting a master and the way I typically do it is start with the entire boxset and add some bits to taste to just see what the basic crew is wanting you to do.

The List

Collodi- Fated, Breathe Life and Strum the Threads

Vasilisa- A Friend to Talk to

4x Marionettes

2x Wicked Dolls

2x Stitched together.

and A Brutal Effigy.

This whole crew is puppets and can take advantage of strum the Threads. As well as his fated ability. The brutal effigy provides healing in the form of his condition that collodi can give to all friendly puppets within 6″ of him when he get its. And The stitched do the heavy lifting bolstered by Collodi and Vasilisa ap. The marionettes do a surprising amount of work for the crew as do the wicked dolls. As they die Collodi replaces them with either Marionettes or wicked dolls. Again this is the starting version of the crew I see a lot of potential with collodi and pretty much any minion that we have access to in the neverborn faction. I see a fairly aggressive play style very possible with him. Provided you do a better job of keeping personal puppet up on models within 6″ of him.

Until Next time their are no strings on Me.


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